Peanuts, Peanut, Manduvi

Arachis hypogaea

Common name: Peanut, Mandubí, Manduvi

Scientific or Latin name: Arachis hypogaea

Family: Legumes

Variety: Long peanut

Origin: Native to the tropical part of South America, probably Brazil. Herbaceous, erect, ascending annual plant 15-70 cm high with slightly hairy stems, with branches from the base, which develops roots when these branches touch the ground.

Use: Peanuts are another important source of vegetable oil in tropical and subtropical areas.
Large quantities of fruit are also consumed, roasted or cooked and prepared in an endless number of ways.
Peanuts are used roasted or cooked, shell and everything, and then eaten in sweets, cakes, biscuits and other recipes; in peanut butter; peanut oil, peanut breads, etc.
The fresh beans contain 35-32% protein and 40-50% fat and also cystine, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.