Terra i Xufa is much more than just tigernuts from organic farming and horchata and other products such as flour, beer or oil made from our own tigernuts, it is a young project to recover and maintain the traditional agricultural knowledge of l’Horta de València. We grow local varieties of peanuts, pumpkin, onion, broad beans, cabbage, but we have also incorporated the tastes of consumers from central and northern Europe by planting kohlrabi, fennel or celery root among others. We follow the principles of agro-ecology, delivering our produce directly to the farm or to our stalls in the municipal markets of Ruzafa and Rojas Clemente. We work the Mas del Hondo in a holistic and biodynamic way thanks to the Guirra sheep, a native breed in danger of extinction, which feeds on the remains of the crop, reducing food waste and closing the nutrient cycle by incorporating its compost into the soil.

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