This tiger nut is the result of the effort of a group of organic farmers from the Huerta de Valencia. We cultivate the tigernut for eight months as our grandparents did without any chemical treatment. Then we wash and dry it naturally in a curing process that lasts three months. Thanks to this curing process, the starch of the tigernut is transformed into natural sugars, which give it the characteristic taste of the tigernut milk made with the tigernut from our own harvest in Valencia’s orchard.

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We select the tigernuts of the highest calibre and quality, and we pack them under vacuum or in a protective atmosphere, so that they retain all their properties. You will be able to enjoy all their flavour consuming them raw, soaked or directly, or using them to make homemade horchata. It could also be used as a seed.

The tigernut has innumerable benefits for our health. It is heart-healthy and antioxidant due to its high content of oleic and folic acids and phytosterols, helping to maintain under control blood cholesterol levels. It contains 1% protein and essential amino acids such as arginine, the precursor of prolactin . High content of soluble vegetable fibre, so it can prevent intestinal function disorders, and even helps prevent colon cancer. It has a prebiotic effect and facilitates carbohydrate digestion / Rich in minerals, particularly phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamins E and C / 0% lactose, 0% gluten, 100% vegetable. Ingredients

Ingredients: Tigernut from Valencia

Shelf life: 2 years at room temperature. Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Format:  25 kg. bag

Unit of sale:  Tigernuts 25 kg.: Jute bag of 25 kg.


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